Suggest a Guest

Whom should I interview?

I’d love to interview guests who have been recommended by listeners. You’ve been tracking marketers you admire, so let’s get inside their head and break down a specific element from one of their projects or campaigns.

I’ll ask the questions you’d love the answers on.

And as a thank you, I’ll mention your name and company or website as an episode producer.

What are the criteria?

I don’t expect you to vet your suggested guest, but I’ll have to cover a few things with them:

  1. The guest must be personally responsible for marketing decisions. He or she can be an entrepreneur or a marketing coordinator, a social media manager or a chief marketing officer. Doesn’t matter. But they have to have made the tactical decisions on some specific project, initiative, or campaign that we can break down.
  2. The guest’s project or campaign needs to be something that a general population would love to know more about: generating traffic, converting traffic into leads, designing a home page, running a social campaign, crafting a piece of content or a content marketing strategy, or something similar.
  3. The guest must have enough data from their project or campaign that their results are relevant, and they need to be willing to share some of them.
  4. They need to speak fluent, clear English. Sorry, I’m not multilingual.

Let’s get started

I’d love to talk to a diverse audience. Let’s think creatively here about who we should have on as guests. You’re a producer, right? Do your part by completing this form.