Brandon Hull Click Decisions HostWhere did this podcast come from?

I’ve worked in internet marketing a little bit in my time. I’ve built digital marketing strategies for clients. I’ve operated and exited a couple of niche, content marketing websites. 

But listen, I’m not an expert. I’m not the guru. 

I am, however, a careful student. A punishingly observant one. I have no problem asking the dumb questions that you’d never want to risk your own reputation to ask.

Click Decisions is a show that comes from my personal curiosity about how marketers arrive at their finished projects. What tough decisions did they make along the way? What alternatives did they consider, but ultimately decide against? 

Are you curious too?

If you’re curious and you love marketing, you’ll love Click Decisions. 

You’ll get to know the marketers behind successful companies, projects, initiatives, and campaigns. You’ll find out how they went about their craft, with answers to specific, tactical questions. 

If you’re fascinated by online marketing and are reasonably curious about the details behind the scenes, this podcast was made for you. 

Who’s the host?

My name is Brandon Hull. That’s me up above. I also host the Freelance to Founder podcast, which is a project I do in conjunction with Millo

So, yes, I’ve started and sold my own digital side projects. I’ve run marketing campaigns, loyalty initiatives, and started my own content marketing strategies. I’ve sold ebooks, built large email lists, all that. 

But anymore, I really enjoy getting to know people who do this sort of thing all the time. I like to talk to the real experts. The real practitioners. The people who roll up their sleeves everyday and make gut-check calls on how to grow their companies. 

That’s why I started Click Decisions. To tell their stories. 

My job is to ask some obvious, some less obvious questions, so you have a great idea about how my guests think. Get you in their head. Help you build your business through really practical insights.

But I also know any podcast host better entertain you, too. A show needs to be enjoyable. I hope to pull that off as well. 

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